Red Wine Extract

Fight cancer with antioxidants
– using red wine extract

In 2004, an article was featured in the Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology called The Swiss Army Knife of Nature praising Resveratrol, which is a kind of a red wine extract. Its multiple benefits bring the utility of a Swiss army knife to mind. What’s contained within red wine extract to cause such praise? Antioxidants display the following bio-characteristics: 

1) they combat the inflammation process.

2) they strengthen the immune system

3) they reduce oxidative stress.

The multi-faceted effects of Resveratrol

Scientific studies have shown that the polyphenol Resveratrol is effective against free radicals and is anti-inflammatory. It can help reduce the growth of tumor cells and can improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy. It even has the potential to reduce the effects of aging! The recently discovered genes that play a key role in the potential of Resveratrol are Sir2, which is responsible for protection against inflammation within the pain threshold, so-called silent inflammation, as well as SIRT1, a gene present in human cells.

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