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The UNIFONTIS-TEAM – in the srvice of the patient

Our team here at UNIFONTIS will stand by your side as we provide you with personal consultation, diagnosis and therapy. Our doctors, therapists, natural health practitioners, and nursing staff work hand in hand to deliver the spirit of our integrative treatment approach while providing you with comprehensive consultation. Our administrative staff will ensure that your treatment proceeds smoothly and contribute to our pleasant atmosphere.

Prof. Dr. med. Joachim Drevs 

Medical Director


Leona Kröhle 


Patient Management national/international


Julia Klein

Patient Management 


Bettina Petrick 


Dr. Eglys Gonzalez 


Nina Granz


Pia Curland

Apprentice MFA

William Israel


UNIFONTIS | Prof. Dr. med. Joachim Drevs
Specialist for internal medicine
Additional qualification in hematology / private oncology doctor

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38173 Sickte

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Ballindamm 5

20095 Hamburg

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Central contact number:

+49 (0) 152 539 526 87

Mail: kontakt@unifontis.net

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