Speed up the healing process against cancer
– with micronutrients!

Can you recognize the following in either you or your loved ones? Tiredness and exhaustion? Many patients are weakened through radiation or chemotherapy. Often they suffer from a deficiency of important vitamins and trace minerals.

Our micronutrient program fights against this deficiency, which is also called oxidative stress. 

Through our program, your body’s resistance is strengthened and the recovery phase in chemotherapy can be reduced.

What are micronutrients?

Counted among micronutrients are 13 vitamins, 25 minerals and trace elements, and bodily cleansing substances such as L-Carnitine or Coenzyme Q10. With our program, you will be provided and individual nutrition plan to supplement your therapy.

Prof. Drevs and his team stay up to date on the latest discoveries in cancer research and use this to supplement your individual diagnosis and therapeutic treatments. Prof. Drevs would be glad to give you a personal consultation about the benefits, possibilities, and risks of the latest cancer treatments. Please contact us for more information!

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