Hemoperfusion is an extracorporeal process that is able to eliminate inflammatory and other harmful molecules. These are macroporous resin beads that are particularly effective in cleaning the blood while being gentle on the blood.

In simple hemoperfusion, these so-called adsorbers are used to remove inflammatory and / or toxins from the blood. This method has been used worldwide for more than 18 years and has proven itself. The adsorbers can be integrated into any extracorporeal system and also combined with other components. The purified blood regulates the metabolism and strengthens the immune system, which means that targeted therapies such as immunotherapy and drug strategies can take effect more effectively. Many years of experience in the clinical area make it possible to use hemoperfusion in the outpatient area as well.

In hyperthermic, hyperoxygenated hemoperfusion, the extracorporeal system is expanded by an oxygenator. This technology comes from cardiac surgery, but is now also used for therapeutic purposes. The oxygenator makes it possible to significantly increase the oxygen content of the blood and, depending on the therapy, to warm the blood temperature to 40-42.5 ° and control it. The warming of the blood and the increased oxygen content have an additional positive therapeutic effect.


Access to the venous system is required. To do this, a catheter is placed on the patient's thigh in the femoral vein. The prepared hemoperfusion system can then be connected. The actual treatment then takes up to 4 hours and is painless. At the end, the remaining blood from the extracorporeal system is returned to the patient. After the catheter has been removed and after a short monitoring period, the patient can go home.


At UNIFONTIS, hemoperfusion therapy is possible. Prof. Drevs provides you with the latest findings from cancer research at any time - even with this form of therapy - and supplements them with individual diagnosis and therapy methods. In a personal conversation, Prof. Drevs will advise you on the advantages, possibilities and risks. Make an appointment using our contact form!

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