Dolphin therapy for cancer patients in Curacao

UNINFONTIS can offer its patients dolphin therapy at the Curacao Dolphin Therapy and Research center. This is a pilot project in which a team from UNIFONTIS accompanies the patient and their loved ones on a weeklong therapy unit to Curacao. In order to ensure that the patient is able to make the most of his restorative atmosphere in Curacao, the organization of the trip and care provided during it is taken over by the UNIFONTIS team. The multidisciplinary team at CDTC consisting of psychologists, physiotherapists, speech and occupational therapists, and a dolphin trainer will develop a customized and specialized therapy program. The goals are outlined at the beginning of the therapy and are continuously tracked and monitored.

The Dolphinproject at Curacao Dolphin Therapy Center

pilotproject for kids with cancer in summer 2018

Dolphin Therapy and its Successes

The inventor of dolphin therapy, Dr. David Nathanson, a behavioral scientist and neuropsychologist, has collected since 1978 the first scientific recognition of the effects of dolphins on handicapped children. With the help of the dolphins, his little patients were able to learn 4 times faster than without. The children were able to concentrate and relax while playing with the dolphins. Through this their immune systems were strengthened. The play in the water also demonstrated positive effects, but the presence of the dolphins strengthened the effective noticeably.

The Dolphinproject at Curacao

pilotproject for kids with cancer in summer 2018

Pilot Project

The goal of the pilot project is test whether the effects of the dolphin therapy are as positive with cancer patients as they are the handicapped children. After being diagnosed with cancer, patients often experience anger, helplessness, depression, and fear. It is not uncommon that this is accompanied by pain and weakness. The presence of the dolphins can have positive effects on aspects of the patient’s condition through renewing the senses and restoring self-confidence. We are available to take your questions regarding dolphin therapy. Please make an appointment with us today!