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Innovative Cancer Therapies — You are in good hands with UNIFONTIS

We are of the mind that one of the most important pillars in the doctor-patient relationship is trust, especially in the field of oncology. This trust is created when people get to know each other, make time for each other, talk together and are interested in each other. We would love to build such a relationship with you. If this speaks to you, then you can find further information about our clinic, or diagnostic procedures, and a general description of our integrative oncological approach.

Carolin Zipperlen, patient manager about UNIFONTIS


Our team here at UNIFONTIS will stand by your side as we provide you with personal consultation, diagnosis and therapy. Our doctors, therapists, natural health practitioners, and nursing staff work hand in hand to deliver the spirit of our integrative treatment approach while providing you with comprehensive consultation. Our administrative staff will ensure that your treatment proceeds smoothly and contribute to our pleasant atmosphere.

Eglys Gonzales,PhD on UNIFONTIS approach

Diagnostics at UNIFONTIS

For all individual therapy and treatment forms, a competent diagnosis is essential. We strive to provide rapid testing at the first suspicion of cancer. Routine lab tests in conjunction with our partner laboratories enable examinations of blood in the urine or stools. Our partner laboratories off the entire spectrum of modern and computer-aided routine and special diagnoses for oncological diseases. The core laboratory is equipped with the most modern automatic analysis devices. Even elaborate analyses can be conducted around the clock at UNIFONTIS.
The following diagnosis procedures are routinely utilized at UNIFONTIS:

Carolin Zipperlen, patient manager about UNIFONTIS

Functional diagnostics

The functional diagnos belongs to preliminary examinations. With the use of ultrasound, ECG and occasionally endoscopy, the body’s natural defenses are tested.

Image diagnostics

The most modern medical technology for image diagnostics is available at UNIFONTIS. The PET/CT occupies center stage. With this machine we can combine Positron Emissions Tomograpy (PET) and Computertomography together. Even the smallest cancer foci can be detected and the entire progression of the disease can observed with high sensitivity. Through our close network we can schedule a PET/CT appointment an incredibly short amount of time.

Any questions?

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Tumor cell screening procedure and therapy sensitivty test

Through the tumor cell screening procedure, the tumor cells circulating in the blood are isolated, characterized, and counted. For the sensitivity test, the cells are grown in the laboratory and the effectiveness of a variety of medicines such as chemotherapy or plant-based preparations for the tumor are test. The findings on how the patient reacts to the different treatments are then presented, in order to predict the effectiveness of the anti-tumor therapies. This is the basis of individual therapy. The test offers the additional possibility to determine the various receptor characteristics of the tumor cells (Her2/new, EGFR, ER, PR). To carry this out, approx.. 10 to 30ml of venous blood is needed, independent of the amount of previously tested medicaments. The test results are available within 5-7 days.
Liquid Biopsy- Tumor DNA in the blood

The liquid biopsy can replace the pending operation. During the liquid biopsy, a comprehensive analysis of the circulating tumor DNA in the blood is undertaken. Therapy relevant point mutations, small insertions and deletions such as gene fusions can be proved with an allele frequency of 0.1%. It is also possible to obtain sensitive and specific proof of the copy number changes in the smallest possible amount of circulating tumor DNA. Feel free to ask us about these and other diagnostic procedures; we will gladly explain the benefits and downsides of each of them.