Tumor therapy fields for glioblastoma – TTFields

With OPTUNE® from Novocure GmbH, adult patients with glioblastoma have access to an innovative treatment method. A treatment with tumor therapy fields is administered through OPTUNE®, referred to as TT fields. TT fields are alternating electric fields with an intermediate frequency in the kilohertz range (50-200 kHz) and low intensity (1-3 V/cm). This is delivered through a portable medical device that emits alternating electric fields in order to slow the division of cancer cells or even to stop them. OPTUNE® is able to be integrated into the daily lives of patients. During the treatment, patients can live as they have before with their families, and work, travel and enjoy normal daily activities.

UNIFONTIS is an official location for OPTUNE® treatments from Novocure GmbH. Prof. Drevs and his team stay up to date on the latest discoveries in cancer research and use this to supplement your individual diagnosis and therapeutic treatments. Prof. Drevs would be glad to give you a personal consultation about the benefits, possibilities, and risks of the latest cancer treatments. Please contact us for more information! Click here to visit the website from OPTUNE®

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