Procaine-based infusion in the fight against cancer

In numerous studies, the excellent characteristics of procaine have been demonstrated against vascular dilation, reduction in inflammation, pain relief, anti-rheumatic effects, antioxidant effects, fat burning and an offsetting effect on the vegetative nervous system. Sodium bicarbonate is a bodily cleansing base that reduces over acidification of the blood. Today it is especially used to treat indigestion, and in various chronic diseases and biological cancer treatments. Administered with procaine, it not only reduces acidosis but also improves circulation and treats chronic tissue pain and can regenerate affected tissues as well!

If you are interested in using procain-based infusion therapy against cancer, then here at UNIFONTIS is the right place to be. Professor Drevs offers the latest discoveries in diflusinal therapy and cancer research, and compliments this with individual diagnoses and therapeutic procedures. Please schedule an appointment with us today!