Using fitness to get back to everyday life

In recent years, the topic of fitness has been becoming more and more of a topic of public interest. Fitness in this sense doesn’t mean the same as playing sports, however. Doctors have recognized the value of training the body to handle stress, the positive effect on the prevention of many conditions and in the overcoming of many peoples. Exercise has also been shown to be effective in reducing the side-effects of traditional cancer therapies.

Endurance instead of Performance

Numerous studies have shown the reduction of symptoms such as fatigue, lack of appetite, and depression. Endurance training always strengthens the immune system as well as the body’s defenses against illness. We offer a selection of training possibilities in our medical training center specialized for the needs and abilities of our patients. These are overseen by our certified physiotherapists to either maintain your current levels of physical fitness, restore it, or even improve it. We here at UNIFONTIS are available to take your questions regarding exercise and physical fitness. We look forward to taking your call.