Current pilot projects at UNIFONITS

After a cancer diagnosis, patients often experience feelings of helplessness and fear. This condition can impair the recovery process, but it doesn’t need to be this way! Here at UNIFONTIS we an approach made possible through our current pilot projects. There are many positive developments such as dolphin and riding therapy, as well as a pilgrimage on the Way of St. James. Our goal is to explore whether the positive effects achieved by successful users of these therapies can be matched by our cancer patients. We are excited to invite you to take advantage of these opportunities!

Make makes us different!

Improve your zest for life!

The central therapeutic approach at UNIFONTIS concerns salutogenesis, next to which the health of the patients remains at the forefront. The health of remains our primary concern, not the illness. This is what distinguishes us from many clinics all over the world. What makes us so different? It is the desire to strengthen the patients zest for life, longing for freedom and adventure, and help patients see beauty in nature. Only by considering the patient as a holistic being, can we fully support you in your intensive fight against the disease. Please take a look at our pilot projects to rediscover the joys of life! Prof. Drevs will personally consult you about the benefits and possibilities.