Your stay with us – more than just a treatment!

UNIFONTIS also takes care of your travel preparations. Please contact us for further information. It is our desire to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible. In addition to a modern facility, a caring staff for you and our medical knowhow, we will ensure you have a pleasant stay.

Our region und accomodation

Your accommodation in the UNIFONTIS apartment

The charming and well-designed floorplan of the UNIFONTIS apartment is within comfortable walking distance of the UNIFONTIS clinic in Sickte. The apartments have enough space for 1-2 people and is equipped with a kitchenette, bath, twin bed and a balcony to relax. There is a traditional German bakery in the neighborhood. Approximately 4 km away in Cremlingen you can visit a shopping center with a supermarket, post office and café.

Holiday flats at the old manor in Lucklum

Friendly, bright and charming holiday flats make an ideal getaway after the therapy. A roomy 110 sqm. Living space equipped with a kitchen provides enough space for up to 4 people. The wonderfully peaceful surroundings are located within the rustic surroundings of the old manor in Lucklum. Contact information: Telephone 05305/91 200 14 or via email

We recommend the following hotels

Mercure Hotel Atrium ***

Berliner Pl. 3
38102 Braunschweig
phone +49 531 – 700 – 80
fax +49 531 – 700 81 – 25
E-Mail senden >

Steigenberger Parkhotel ****

Nîmes-Straße 2
38100 Braunschweig
phone +49 531 – 48 222 – 0
fax +49 531 – 48 – 749
E-Mail senden >

Parkhotel Altes Kaffeehaus

Harztorwall 18
38300 Wolfenbüttel
phone +49 5331 – 888 – 0
fax +49 5331 – 888 – 100
E-Mail senden >

Frühlingshotel Braunschweig

Bankplatz 7
38100 Braunschweig
phone +49 531 – 243 – 210
fax +49 531 – 243 – 12 – 599
E-Mail senden >

Accomodation through Airbnb

Through Airbnb you are able to find inexpensive and appealing flats or rooms for short- and longterm stays. This portal connects private landlords with private clients. If a stay in a private residence is preferable to the anonymity of a hotel, then you will surely enjoy the offerings on Airbnb. You can find numerous offerings throughout the region, including accommodation with balconies and garden accessibility. Take a look at the site with a click on the link below to see some of what is on offer. Link:

What to do when travel isn‘t possible?

Occasionally patients are not able to travel due their conditions. Under such circumstances, our team (The Professor and Nurses) is always ready to visit any place in the world in order to get a better impression of the disease and to prepare treatment for you at home. The prerequisite being that a local doctor and nurse can be identified as a legally responsible person and is able to legally continue with the recommended treatment.

Brunswick, with a population of around 250,000, enjoys the distinction of being the second largest city in Lower Saxony. It can track its origins back to the 9th century. Under the patronage of Henry the Lion, the city developed into a powerful and influential commercial city. Today the city remains an important European location for scientific research. Within the European Union, Brunswick since 2007 is the center of the most intensive research and development. The surrounding heath and foothills offer numerous destinations for short trips. As well as offering numerous architectural and historical delights, the region offers art and culture lovers many choices and opportunities. Nature and sport lovers need not despair as the region offers opportunities for recreation for both the young and old alike.