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Dear Patients and Dependents,

Those affected by cancer often feel powerless and anxious. A cancer diagnosis is hard to take in and is personally overwhelming and burdens your personal environment. In cooperation with UNIFONTIS, we strive to be a reliable and trustworthy partner who places the affected and their individual situation first. Through this we hope to ease the burdens and uncertainty of your loved ones.
The UNIFONTIS team represents integrative oncology. This is one component of holistic medicine that integrates various treatments such as conventional medicine, naturopathy, and psychotherapy to deal with cancer and tumor diseases. Under our care, you will be always be viewed as a person whose health and well-being is our priority, instead of just a patient.

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Holistic medicine- against cancer.

It is important for us to find the most effective treatment and suitable therapy for each individual patient. Keeping the spirit of individual treatment and consultation in mind, the origin of the medical treatments plays absolutely no role. Through this can provide orientation and help due to a multitude of promising treatments and therapies against cancer that are suitable for the patient’s personal situation. As experts, we stay up to date with the latest scientific studies on oncology, assess these, and after intensive scrutiny, provide our patients with the most current treatments.

Talk to a doctor online!

Starting now we are offering a video consultation-hour
Is it a long way to the clinic, or is your loved one unable to travel far? Now you can stay home and still be able to talk to a doctor- all made possible by the PATIENTUS video consultation-hour.
How does it work? You will receive an appointment and a TAN code by phone. The code is used to log in at the appointed time on this website. It only takes 15 seconds to get online and be with your doctor in an online waiting room.

Questions, Check-ups, or follow-up appointments? Or simply don’t like spending time in a waiting room? It´s now possible to take advantage of receiving a doctor´s appointment at home. The video consultation-hour makes long trips to your doctor´s office unnecessary!

The holistic human perspective stays at the forefront: health is not only influenced by physical factors, but also from mental as well as social factors that are closely related to each other. These can strongly influence the progress of the cancer as well as its cure, and as part of integrative oncology has a special importance.

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Integrative for the UNIFONTIS teams means to be open to new ideas and ways that improve the well-being and living situation of cancer patients, as well as their own healing potential. Our strength is our comprehensive experience. As experts, we provide support and companionship for this difficult sitaution and will remain on your side.

Dr. Alsalkhadi talks about our different therapies in Arabic

Our patients come from all over the world. It fills us with great satisfaction that we are trusted by people from all walks of life and nationalities, and it gives us the strength we need to continue with our individual approach. Together with our veteran oncological staff and medical professionals, you will be cared for by our experienced and sensitive team that will always be accessible in your time of greatest need. We will stay by your side, even during consultations with other doctors. All the way until you hopefully win your fight with cancer.


Prof. Joachim Drevs and Team

Our Claim

UNIFONTIS is at the cutting edge in doctrine and research.
UNIFONTIS cannot guarantee a cure, but also will also never give up hope.
UNIFONTIS acts as an independent consultant, and always provides you with informed choices.

Muscular Power against cancer

with cycle-creatine. Did you know that muscle cells are the only cells in the body where cancer can’t form?

Mugwort against Cancer

The annual mugwort, which is a plant that grows between 50-150cm in height, is well to know to travelers of Southern and Central Europe.

Heat against Cancer

Since the 1990s, the relationship between fever and the curing of cancer has been systematically researched. Contact us for a consultation!

Aspirin against Cancer

Did you know that acetylsalicylic acid has been listed as an essential medicine by the WHO since 1977? Learn more by clicking here!

Cannabis against Cancer

We are now able to provide cannabis to selected patients that participate in our Phase I study of the treatment of tumor illnesses.

A gentler chemotherapy against Cancer

Many patients come to us due to the massive side effects of chemotherapy. We are of the opinion that this isn’t necessary.

Vaccines against Cancer

Have you heard of vaccines against cancer? We may be able to produce a vaccine out of your own tumor tissue that can fight cancer.

Chamomile against Cancer

At AMT we deploy a completely new approach towards the treatment of tumor illnesses.

Sugar Reduction against Cancer

With Syrosingin and Antihypertonicum, patients can reduce their blood sugar. Click here to find out more!

Red wine extract against Cancer

Treatment with Resveratrol- use antioxidants from red wine extract to fight cancer. Click to contact us?

Procain-based IV against cancer

Procain and sodium bicarbonate accelerate the deacidification of tumor tissue- click to the read the article.

Mistletoe against Cancer- with Lectinol

Mistletoe is a type of plant from the genus Viscum from the sandalwood family…

Chlorophyl against Cancer

Did you know that chlorophyl is nearly identical with our blood pigment, hemoglobin? Click to read more…

Optune from Novocure against Cancer

Use tumor therapy fields against glioblastoma. For more information about TTfields, please click here.