Regenerativ micronutrients

Regenerativ micronutrients

Healing-process speed-up 


Many patients are weakened by chemo-therapy and radio-therapy. Often they suffer from a deficit of vitamins and micronutrients. Our micronutrient-program acts against this deficit, also called oxidative stress. After accurate investigations, we provide an individual combination of micronutrients for ever patient. It can strengthen the power of resistance, prevent chronically diseases and shorten the phase of recovery after a chemo-therapy. In a row of investigations it could be shown that a specific gift of micronutrients reduces the side effects of a chemo-therapy dramatically. 

Determination of an individual micronutrient-timetable

The first step is to determine the amount of micronutrients. In place we regard your previous lifestyle. In doing so, we commit oneself to factors like diet, sport, smoking and genetics. The second step is to determine in line with a lab-analysis the individual demand through marker-substances in blood and urine. Out of the analysis results, we compile a mix of micronutrients, which are specifically balanced on your individual demands.

The first recipe lasts 60 days. Afterwards, we proof aim-oriented if a second gift makes sense. Also after completion of your therapy, an individual compiled mix of micronutrients can strengthen body´s defense, improve physical well-being and increase quality of life. 

13 vitamins, roughly 25 mineral nutrients and micro elements, body´s own substances like L-carnitine or coenzyme Q10 plus thousand of so called plant-substances count to micronutrients. They are needed for regulation of metabolism and have to be delivered from outside, because the body can´t produce them in adequate amounts.