Regenerativ mental-therapy

Regenerativ mental-therapy

Professional support for approaches raising mental power

Psychological influences on the recovery

Feelings and thoughts affect via chemical messengers on the nerve- and immune-system and influence thereby physical processes, which can lead to health or disease. More and more academical studies prove the connection between body and soul. For example, it is mensurable how happiness, laugh and a positive mood can strengthen the immune-system. The diagnose cancer can generate fear and dolefulness, which can lead to a vicious circle, who costs much energy. However, directly now the body needs the whole power to strengthen the immune-system. Also the relatives play a big role in this process and get psychological care by us, to remain their power in such a difficult situation. 

Methods for activating the self-healing power

Every body has got the ability to heal itself. Emotional and mental blockades can avoid that self-healing powers of the body come into effect influence thereby the therapy-process and the long-time healing process. In the Christallin-therapy after Joy and Dr. Roy Martina those blockades are uncovered with the help of psychotherapeutic conversations, kinesiology muscle-test-techniques or trance-coaching and solved with the help of emotional-balance-techniques and trance-meetings.

In addition, patients learn after the motto "help for self-help" Omega Healing techniques after dr. Roy Martina, which are a help in everyday life to handle with negative feelings and thoughts. The patient learns on this way strategies to handle challenges proactive. 

Effects of relaxation and mediation

The ability to relax is an important pillar on integrative oncology. Care on the moment, a personal timeout and therefore to let go of all worries is for most people a very lovely experience. This special state of consciousness during the mediation (trance) has got a few demonstrable effects on psyche and body: alleviation of pain, strengthening of the immune-system, lowering tiredness, depressive symptoms and sleep behavior improve. Well-being and quality of life improve and often patients feel trance as return into power and control. From dream-journey till balancing of chakras we offer diverse mediations in single-therapies as well as in group-therapies. 

Aims of therapeutic assistance

The solution of blockades on the energetic level plus the mobilization of self-healing powers are aim of therapeutic assistance. This affects the whole therapy process positive.

Unifontis´s focus lies generally not on the mostly painful past, but on the strengthening of individual resources, which crystalize out due to the patients improved sense of self.