Regenerativ light-therapy

BIOPTRON light-therapy

Sun light was already used in the old egypt for medical treatments. Also Roman and and Arabic Doctors established the light-therapy as common cure. Modern light-therapy was founded about 100 years ago by a danish doctor called Niels Ryberg Finsen. In 1903, he received the Nobel prize in medicine. Today, light-therapy is worldwide recognized as a treatment in preventive medicine, therapy and rehabilitation. 

How functions light-therapy?

BIOPTRON light-therapy affects on a natural way. It assists the ability of our body to regenerate and bring itself into balance. It helps our body to unfold it´s potential of care, because the light has got a bio-stimulating effect. When the light hits the skin, light sensitive intracellular structures and molecules get stimulated. Thereby, a chain-reaction is initiated and delivers the so called secondary-effect. This effect not only incorporates the processed area, but the whole body. This means that light-therapy stimulates, as well as regulates healing-processes, regeneration-processes and the body´s own immune system.

BIOPTRON light-therapy

• improves the microcirculation

• meshes metabolic processes

• strengthens the human immune system

• stimulates regenerative processes in the whole organism

• and helps thus by the epiphenomenon of chemotherapy and radiotherapy 

How is she used?

BIOPTRON light-therapy can be use as complementary treatment as well as individualized therapy for particular symptoms.

Light-therapy can support by:

• healing of wounds 

• disposal of pain 

• polyneuropathy

• hand-foot syndrome 

• dysphagia 

• oral mucositis 

• ...


Color-therapy was developed for using the genial effect of colors for the organism. It´s an ideal addition for well-being and health. Furthermore, color-therapy offers the chance, with the help of colors and light, to strengthen and balance the main center of energy of our body. Color-therapy operates on integral level on our body, spirit and soul.