Regenerativ diet

The preparation of an individual cancer diet based on the latest scientific know how is often very complicated to  create. Furthermore, patients get many different advices, but unfortunately only a few are academically proven or balanced in sense of risk and benefit. Until now, the effectiveness of a ketogenic diet, the low-carb principle and gluten- plus loose lactose-free diet during oncological diseases are academically proven. In Swiss Medical Food we found a first on market partner that provides an academically proven diet verified on the needs of cancer patients. 

The characteristic of the menus are as follows:

• low-carb, to bypass the dangerous consequences of an insulin-resistance 

• gluten- and lactose-free, to supply also patients with intolerances

• tasteful and optically aproachable

• simple and uncomplicated in preperation

Our purpose is that  cancer patients can eat highly enjoyable despite of their diseases to provide their body with with power for the healing process.