Regeneration / Salutogenesis

Meanwhile, diet and exercise have achieved a high, scientifically proven, significance in prophylaxis and treatment of cancer. Therefore, our local treatments focus on individual diets and exercise programs in addition to the medical treatments

We develop an individual program containing:

• sport and exercise (from a high end gym to yoga or Pilates)

• low-carbohydrate diet

• gluten- and lactose-free diet

• ketogenic diet

• high calorie diet

• organic food

Tumor illnesses can lead to a limited regulation of nutrients of consumed food, which are needed for healthy somatic cells. Especially carbohydrates can not be used sufficient as source of energy. The reason why this happens is that tumors can cause that healthy somatic cells can not react correctly anymore on the hormone insulin, which means they get resistant against insulin. Under this directive, a malnutrition can develop, which weakens the organism, often with crucial consequences. Thereby the body loses its power for mortising against the illness. 

Another mechanism of cancer growth identified is its differentiation in pH-levels and thereby its sensitivity to acids. Those can be activated by kerogen diet (keno bodies in the blood) or exercise (lactate).