What is Immunotherapy?

Just like how our body can fight a cold, it can fight cancer. In fact, our body successfully fights cancer daily, and only when the immune system fails to do its work, cancer forms and develops out of control. Vaccination re-educates the immune system to recognize the cancer cells so it will attack and kill it.

Immunotherapy is a treatment that uses your body´s own immune system to help fight cancer.

Immunotherapeutic drugs have shown promising results in various indications leading to the recent FDA approval of some of them. In our clinic, we can offer immunotherapy and help your body fight your own cancer. 

Just one form of immunotherapy is vaccination. Vaccines are a form of personalized medicine, where patient´s tumors are studied to create a vaccine that educates the immune system to fight one´s own cancer.

Vaccines can be made out of the patient´s tumor tissue (viable or solid), blood or liquid. Also if none of the mentioned material is available, we are able to provide vaccine solutions.

Immunotherapy is the exact opposite of chemotherapy in terms of side effects. With Immunotherapy there is no hair loss, nausea, vomiting or other side effects. Patients may experience mild flue like symptoms as the treatment takes. Also Immunotherapy has memory to continue to fight long after the immune system is activated.

Who is eligible for vaccines?

Vaccines can be used for all cancer indications, and have been investigated and documented in nearly all types of cancer. 

Every cancer patient however the ideal patient population where vaccines should be administered are patients who have achieved remission after primary debulking and chemotherapy. By vaccinating these patients, their immune system will be boosted with a chance of preventing recurrence. 

Also ideal candidates could be the advanced recurrent population where vaccines can be given in conjunction with standard chemotherapy. Advanced and recurrent patients may benefit from vaccines as well especially when given the chemotherapeutic agents that have immunomodulatory properties.

Vaccines have been used in thousands of patients with significant therapeutic success documented in the scientific literature. For example:

1) In advanced Breast cancer, after 1 year, 50% of the woman who were vaccinated showed no progression of their cancer as compared to 20% of the woman on standard of care therapy.

2) In metastatic Prostate cancer, 34 of 55 patients who were treated with a whole tumor vaccine showed an additional 26 months overall survival compared to patients who received only taxane chemotherapy. 

3) In advanced recurrent Ovarian cancer, after 6 months, the estimated progression free survival was 70% for patients who received the vaccine with chemotherapy, compared to only 31% in those who received chemotherapy.

4) In advanced Colorectal cancer, 6 years after surgery, 10% of patients progressed, compared with 40% who received only chemotherapy.

5) In advanced Brain cancer, over 80% of the patients who received the vaccine, achieved clinical benefits compared to 25%

Patients that are interested in this program can send their medical records and scans to Professor Drevs, the Medical and Scientific Director of Unifontis. He will evaluate these records and if the patient is unable to travel to Germany for an office visit, we are able to do the initial consultation by telephone or skype. 

If Professor Drevs feels that the vaccine is a viable treatment option, the vaccine will then be manufactured. Once the vaccine is made, the patient will go to Germany for the first injection. However, if the import drug rules allow us to export a drug from Germany to the patient´s home country so the patient can continue elsewhere, we are willing to work within the parameters of your country´s regulations. If not, the injections will need to be administered in Germany.