The subject of physical fitness has come to the forefront of public interest in recent years. Medical practitioners have also long recognized the value of physical training for dealing with stress, positive effects on the prevention of many conditions and greater resources for overcoming existing health problems.

Particularly extensive research has been carried out into the positive effects of physical fitness on the secondary symptoms of oncological diseases as well as the side effects of standard oncological treatments. Numerous studies have shown a reduction in symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite and depression. Endurance training also boosts the immune system and therefore the body’s own defenses against disease. Outstanding physical performances are not required to achieve these positive effects. Rather, we should be aiming for moderate training that is tailored to our individual capabilities.

In our medical training center we offer a range of training opportunities that are specially tailored to our patients’ needs and physical capabilities. This allows you to maintain, restore or boost your current fitness level under the supervision of medically trained physiotherapists. At the same time, we are primarily interested in your well-being and safety by providing constant monitoring of your training and continuous medical support.

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