What Is Hippotherapy?

The primary aim of such contact between humans and horses is to create a positive impact on the experience and behaviour of the patient. The purpose is not to teach patients to ride, but to cure or improve their physical or mental state. Where illnesses such as cancer are concerned, the objective is often simply to maintain or restore the will to live.

What Are Our Goals?

Our goals in working with tumour patients are always individually tailored to the patient. First and foremost, our concern is to stimulate feelings of joy through contact with horses, to generate positive feelings of self-worth, to diminish feelings of anxiety and to promote self-confidence.

The horse is a partner with very unique qualities in this respect: it not only has the strength to carry us, it is unambiguous and transparent in its reactions, and neither punishes nor judges us. Horses possess excellent sensory perception, which also makes non-verbal communication possible. Reflecting our own patterns of behaviour, the horse meets our basic need for companionship, warmth and physical contact and reveals to us both our limitations and opportunities.

The great thing about our work with horses is that this environment is one that exists largely without the spoken word, one in which gestures count for everything and humans and animals communicate through body language. In this world, everyone – whether plain or beautiful, sick or healthy, young or old, poor or wealthy – has unique worth. Horses accept riders exactly as they are, without prejudgment. 

The rhythmic movement of riding not only has a positive effect on muscle tone, body stability, motor functions and breathing; it also stimulates the cardiovascular and digestive systems and promotes health-restoring sleep.

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