Our skin expresses what goes on inside us and what moves us. She shows us often at first about how we feel. She is therefore not for nothing one of our biggest immune organs and is called the mirror of our soul. 

Our skin suffers by different influences. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, free radicals, stress and unhealthy diet can harm our skin. Frequently the skin is very sensitive and can cause unpleasant skin reactions. On the other hand, during the tumor treatment, the external appearance for the person concerned is of immense importance and can represent a significant mental support. 

Therefore sufferers have a special claim on a cosmetic treatment. Natural whey has got as a natural product a very good influence on the biological-functional metabolism and the vitality of the skin. The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of natural lactic acid bacteria are included in full and therefore the protective functions of the skin are gently and effectively supported. In addition, all valuable minerals and minerals are fully preserved. It contains no synthetic chemical preservatives.