Integrative Oncology

Cancer patients often feel a great sense of helplessness and insecurity. The diagnosis comes as a severe blow and often overwhelms not only the individual but also their nearest and dearest. We at UNIFONTIS aim to be a reliable and trusted partner in this respect, placing the focus on the patient and his or her individual situation.

Prof. Joachim Drevs and his team have been champions of integrative oncology from the outset. This approach is part of what is known as holistic medicine, and in its treatment of cancer and tumours combines different approaches, including orthodox medicine, homeopathy and psychotherapy.

Our emphasis is not so much on the nature of the medical procedure used in the individual treatment and counselling of a cancer sufferer. What is important to us is the effectiveness of the treatment or therapy for each individual patient. Our task in this respect is to provide you with orientation and from the many treatments and therapies available to find a form of treatment that makes sense for you as an individual and is adapted to your personal circumstances. At the same time, our holistic perspective places the focus on the person, since this approach holds that human health is not only influenced by physical aspects, but also by mental and social factors that are closely intertwined. These also have an impact on the progression of a disease or healing process and are therefore of considerable importance in the context of integrative oncology.

For the UNIFONTIS team, “integrative” means keeping an open mind about approaches that strengthen a patient’s sense of wellbeing, personal circumstances and own self-healing powers, as well as about the orthodox medical procedures that may be necessary to achieve a successful treatment outcome. This we do in dialogue with you the patient and the doctors in charge. To this end we provide professional help and guidance founded on extensive experience and stand shoulder to shoulder with you to offer support and assistance during this difficult time.

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