A warm welcome from Prof. Joachim Drevs and his team

As one of the leading international clinics specializing in the treatment of cancer and tumour sufferers, UNIFONTIS in Braunschweig near Hanover provides innovative scientific and medical facilities of the highest quality. And what is unique in our approach: we focus on the patient – on the person. The doctor and his team are here for YOU – to ensure you get the time you deserve. Your doctor will give you comprehensible and detailed advice. He will work with and on your behalf to find the best way to treat your tumour. The most appropriate treatment will be selected in consultation with you from the wide range of options available – individualised and tailored to suit your situation. Our experts will provide comprehensive and professional support – no matter whether the most suitable form of treatment comes from the field of orthodox medicine, homeopathy or psychotherapy. They will remain at your side. Even during consultations with other doctors. In partnership. Until hopefully your health is restored.

The central therapeutic approach of UNIFONTIS rests on the principle of salutogenesis, which emphasises support for health and wellbeing: our work focuses on your health – not your illness. That is what sets us apart from other clinics. It is what makes us different.

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